Feb 03 2013

Tomasaitis Times 2-4-13

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  • Please send your child with appropriate outdoor winter attire.  The kids do go outside for recess every day as long as the temperature is not too low or the weather too bad.  They need a warm winter coat, hat, gloves, and boots.
  • Popcorn orders are due on Thursday.  These are the upcoming popcorn dates: Feb. 8, March 1st, March 22nd, April 12th, April 26th, May 10th, May 31st and June 7
  • We will be having a Valentine’s Day celebration on Thursday, February 14th.  A note with more information will be coming home!
  • California Pizza Kitchen fundraising night is  February 15th.  Remember to take your flier with you.
  • Winter Break February 16-24
  • We have run out of snacks again!  If you would like to donate saltine crackers the kids and I would appreciate it!

Daily 5/Reader’s Workshop:  We have been doing a lot of work with writing about what we read.  We have practiced writing about the beginning, middle, and end of the story, story elements, and making text to self connections.  When students are writing about what they read I’m not only looking for how well they understood the book, but also looking to see if they are using capitals at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end.  We are making connections between reading and writing.  Some of the reading strategies we have learned over the past few weeks are reread the text, make text to self connections, and make mental pictures.

Writer’s Workshop:  Don’t be surprised if your child comes home and tries to persuade you into something!  The unit we have been working on is Persuasive Letter Writing.  There are 4 essential parts to writing a persuasive letter.

1. State your opinion/want

2.Write 3 reasons that support your opinion/want

3.Concluding statement where you restate your opinion/want


This week we will begin learning about poetry and writing our own poems!

Math: We have been working hard on our addition and subtraction facts.  The students have been doing a nice job with their math timed tests and are now tracking their progress.  Continue to practice at home with your child.  This past week we began learning about fact families and how addition and subtraction are related.

Science: Our brassica plants have been growing! They are now blooming with yellow flowers.  We have been recording observations throughout their growing process.  Last week we also planted rye grass seeds and alfalfa seeds.  We will be recording their growth as well.

Social Studies:  We have now finished learning about families.  This week the students began learning about needs and wants.

Jan 07 2013

Spelling Words 1-7-13

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Beginning this week we will be doing spelling words that are part of a word family/chunk as well as word wall words for our classroom wall.  We will also continue to have 2 challenge words.  Please practice these words at home.  Our test will be on Friday!

Word Family/Chunk: and

1. band

2. sand

3. land

4. hand

5. stand

Word Wall Words:

1. were

2. there

3. don’t

Challenge List:

1. sandwich

2. handstand

Dec 17 2012

Spelling Words 12-17-12

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Week of 12-17-12







Bonus Words:

* snowflake      *snowman

Dec 16 2012

Tomasaitis Times 12-17-12

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside Wood Creek it’s so delightful! 

It’s hard to believe 2012 is already coming to an end.  I know we all have a lot to be thankful for in the year 2012 and look forward to what’s to come in 2013.  Enjoy your time with your families while celebrating the holiday season!

Reminders/Upcoming Events:

  • Please remember to send a healthy snack with your child every day.  If you are willing and able to donate snacks (i.e. crackers) to our classroom it would be appreciated!
  • Have your child empty their Friday Folder and Take Home Folder when it is brought home.  A lot of important notes and school work comes home in these folders.  Please check daily!
  • December 21st California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser.  Take a flier with you so Wood Creek gets credit!
  • Winter break December 22nd through January 2nd. School resumes on January 3rd!  See you in the New Year!
  • January 14th Half day of school
  • January 21st No School Martin Luther King Holiday

We have extended our “Leader in Me” skills!  We have learned about being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and most recently, put first things first.  The biggest skill to learn is that work comes first and then it is play time.  Putting first things first is an important skill to learn and is a great thing to practice at home.


We will begin new spelling activities when we return from break.  Not much will change except for the types of words that students will be practicing and some of the activities we will be doing.  Please practice spelling words each night since this will be replacing our word sort homework.  Our tests will still be on Friday.

Conflict Resolution Strategies with Mrs. Gasparotto:

Mrs. Gasparotto our student support services coordinator will be visiting our class weekly to work on conflict resolution strategies and other life skill lessons.  This week they practiced “A bug and a wish”.  Ex. It bugs me when you say something mean, I wish you would stop.  Have them practice at home!

Daily 5:

We have been learning new strategies to help build our reading skills.  Students have also been practicing writing about what they read.  One of the stories we read last week was Jillian Jigg which was about a little girl who didn’t want to clean her room.  She instead wanted to play with her friends and her mom was not happy.  They wrote about the characters, setting, two events, the problem and solution.  We are working hard on answering questions using complete sentences, spaces, capitals at the beginning of a sentence and punctuation.  They have also been working hard in their reading groups and have all moved up levels.  Continue to read at home to help build their reading skills further.

Recent CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary) Lessons:

  • Use beginning and ending sounds
  • Check for understanding
  • Read appropriate-level texts that are a good fit
  • Back up and reread
  • Blend sounds
  • Flip the sound (short vowel and long vowel sounds)
  • Chunk letter and sounds together (bl, at, gr)
  • Skip the word, then come back
  • Voracious reading (read, read and read some more)

Writer’s Workshop:

I have had the pleasure of reading stories by amazing first grade authors.  We are continuing to write small moment stories, which are real life stories that have happened to us.  To help encourage your child to generate story ideas, talk about events that have happened throughout the day or the evening when they are at home.  Let them know that anything can be turned into a good story.  They think it’s funny when I say I can write a story about what I ate for dinner, but it is possible and it can be interesting and exciting!  We have been working hard on writing stories with a beginning, a middle with at least 3 events, and a good ending.  They are now responsible for checking their work using a rubric at the end of the story to make sure it has all the parts of a good story.


We have been working on adding and subtraction single digit numbers and tens.  They have learned how to “frog jump” on a number line to help them add and subtract.  We are also learning strategies to help make adding numbers easier.

Strategies –

  • Any # + zero = that #
  • Fast tens – adding ten to a single digit # is always a teen #

We have also been learning new math games to play during workplaces.


We are finished with our solids and liquids unit.  This past week our scientists have transformed into botanists.  We will be studying plants for the next few months.  Just this week we learned the parts of the plants and wrote a planting plan so we know how to plant our seeds when the time comes.

Social Studies:

Mrs. Abbo has been teaching our class about families.  They are learning how families are alike and different.






Nov 04 2012

Tomasaitis Times 11-4-12

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It’s hard to believe that October has already come and passed!  We have settled in to our daily routines and are now ready to soar into new learning.  Thank you to our room parent who planned our Fall Harvest Party and to all the parents who volunteered to help or donate items!  The kids had a great time!


  • Please remember to send a snack with your child daily. I am running low on extra snacks for students who forget to bring theirs.  If you are interested in donating it would be greatly appreciated.  I usually keep saltine crackers as a backup, but anything nut free is welcomed!
  • Check your child’s folder daily.  Important notes and homework may come home on any day of the week.
  • If your child hasn’t turned in their October homework calendar please do so as soon as possible.
  • Have your child read to you each night and practice their spelling words and word sorts a few times each week.  It is very important that they get this practice at home!

Upcoming Events:

  • November 6th – No school Election Day
  • November 22 and 23rd – No school Thanksgiving Recess
  • November 30th – Half day of school
  • Goodfellows canned food drive through the month of November
  • Student Council Popcorn Fridays – $ .50 per bag (limit 4 per student)

Be Proactive! We have started learning about how we can be proactive.  We are learning to how to have a “can do” attitude, choose our actions, attitudes, and moods, clean up after ourselves, and do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking!  These are great things to emphasize at home with your child!

Daily 5/Reader’s Workshop: We have now mastered our Daily 5 routines and have moved on to learning strategies to help us grow as reader’s.  Each week we will be learning new strategies and adding them to our CAFE bulletin board so we have them as reminders.  These strategies are important for all children to learn no matter what reading level they are at.  We can apply them to anything we read!  In our guided reading groups, students practice these strategies along with doing writing activities that correspond to their reading.  The new strategies we have added are…

  1. Cross Check – Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?
  2. Use the pictures as clues

Writer’s Workshop: You may have noticed a pile of stories that came home with your child on Friday.  We have cleaned out our writing folders and are starting the month of November with a clean slate! We have had a month and a half to practice Writer’s Workshop routines, develop story ideas, and become comfortable with using writing tools. Now we are going to dig deeper and begin to neaten up our writing, add beginning, middle, and ending details, use consistent spaces, use more lowercase letters, and use ending punctuation.  We want students to understand that a story is not just one or two sentences.  As we work through Writer’s Workshop this month I am expecting to see a lot of improvement in their stories!  At home, have nightly conversations about ideas your child can write about. This will help them come to school the next day ready to write.

Math: We have been working on a few different math concepts. Students now have a story problem math journal where they are learning to pull out important information from a problem and draw a picture and number sentence to math.  We have also been working with coins.  They are learning the different coin names and amounts and  how to count them.  For students who are ready, they are being challenged by attempting to make money trades.  For example, if I have 2 dimes and 1 nickel I can trade those in for a quarter.  We have also been learning new workplace games that they do independently after their math work is complete.

Science: We have continued to learn about solids and liquids.  This week they had the chance to explore with different solids like pinto beans and lima beans.  They used tools like funnels, beakers, and vials.

Social Studies: They are finishing up their unit on responsibilities and citizenship.

Spelling words for this week:

  1. this
  2. how
  3. with
  4. will
  5. he
  6. me

Bonus words: autumn, leaf, cold

Oct 05 2012

Word Sort Homework Directions

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Your child will be bringing home a word sort sheet weekly that have been introduced in class. Each night of the week I would like your child to do a different activity to ensure that these words and the spelling principals they represent are mastered. These activities have been modeled and practiced in school, so your child can teach you how to do them.  They should only take about 5-10 minutes.  Feel free to adjust the schedule as needed.


Monday: Have your child cut out the sorts. Then remind your child to sort the words into categories like the ones we did in school. Your child should read each word or picture aloud during the activity. Ask your child to explain to you why the word or pictures are sorted in a particular way. Ask your child to sort them a second time as fast as possible. You may want to time them.


Tuesday: Do a blind sort with your child. Lay down a word or picture from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud. Your child must indicate where the word or picture goes without seeing it. Lay it down and let your child move it if he or she is wrong. Repeat if your child makes more than one error.


Wednesday: Assist your child in doing a word hunt, looking for words in books they have already read that have the same sound, pattern, or both. Try to find two or three for each category.


Thursday: Have your child sort the words, in preparation for Friday’s assessment.


Thank your for your support.

Oct 05 2012

Spelling Words for the week of 10-8-12

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  • an
  • for
  • up
  • had
  • see
  • out

Our test will be on Friday, October 12th!

Oct 04 2012

Tomasaitis Times 10-4-12

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Our classroom website is finally up and running!  I will be updating this throughout the year to keep you informed on what is happening in our classroom.

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • PTA Meeting October 10th at 7 pm
  • October 19th “Leader in Me” fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen. Please take the flyer with you if you plan on eating there!
  • PTA Book Fair October 22nd-25th
  • Parent teacher conferences will be held on October 23rd and October 25th.  Notes will be sent home soon to schedule your conference time.
  • Early release day on October 29th.  Students are dismissed at 12:07.

Classroom Happenings:

Daily 5/Reader’s Workshop: The students have now learned how to Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, and Work With Words.  They last thing they will learn is Listen to Reading.  Each day they start with Read to Self and make two other choices from the activities listed above.  They are working on transitioning between their three choices and working quietly the whole time.  This week we also started reading groups.  All the kids had a chance to work with either me or Mrs. Kashat.  They did a great job and enjoyed reading books that were at their “Just Right” level.

Writer’s Workshop: We have been working on writing small moment stories with a beginning, middle, and end.  These stories are real stories about themselves.  We have also been practicing putting spaces between our words, using a capital letter to start a sentence, and using punctuation.  I am very impressed with the stories they are writing.  They are adding so many details already!

Math: The class has been working on graphing skills.  We have practiced collecting data and putting it into a graph as well as answering questions about the graph.  I will be assessing them tomorrow.

Science: We have been learning about solids and liquids.  Our scientists have had the opportunity to explore with both types of matter and are learning the different properties of each. Some of the properties of solids they have learned are hard, soft, flexible and rigid. The properties of liquids include bubbly, foamy, translucent, transparent and viscous.  They even had the chance to build a bridge and tower using solid objects.

Social Studies:  Mrs. Abbo has been teaching them about how to be a good citizen.  They have been discussing and sharing examples of what makes a good citizen.

This weeks spelling words are…

  • and
  • is
  • on
  • to
  • it
  • at

We will take our test tomorrow!

Sep 29 2012

Welcome to our Classroom Blog!

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Thank you for taking a minute to check out our new blog!  I will be posting updates on what is happening in our classroom and letting you know about important upcoming events.  I will always let you know when I have posted something new on this site.

I’m very excited to work with everyone this year.  We are already off to a great start!  Check back soon!

Go Wood Creek Bears!

Sep 29 2012

Welcome to our Classroom Blog!

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Thank you for taking a minute to check out our new blog!  I will be posting updates on what is happening in our classroom and letting you know about important upcoming events.  I will always let you know when I have posted something new on this site.

I’m very excited to work with everyone this year.  We are already off to a great start!  Check back soon!

Go Wood Creek Bears!