Important Link 1: #UDL on Twitter

We have put together an “Important Links” block on the right hand side of this blog. We know that the links will lead you to information that will be useful to you on your UDL journey. Over the next little while, I am going to write a brief post about each of the links to try to entice you to explore them.

The first link will take you to a Twitter search that is done on #udl. This search pulls up the top Twitter posts that have #udl as part of the post. Hashtags, identifiable by their use of the pound sign, are used to help people find information on a particular topic. Guess what #udl pulls up… Yes! Twitter posts that are talking about UDL!

Today when I explored the list of tweets, I found a link to a video where Kit Hard shows different ways that educators in St. Clair County use technology to “clear the path” for all learners. I hope you will find it to be an informative and worthwhile video. FYI – This video is part of the REMC Connected Educators series that was created to bring the ideas and practices of exceptional technology using Michigan educators right to teachers and administrators in an easy to access, easy to use, cost effective manner, i.e on-demand videos. I think it was a bit serendipitous that this was my find, considering I am the Director for REMC 17. :)

My hope is that you will explore #UDL on Twitter and share one resource you found during your exploration by making a comment on this post. Click here for more information about “joining” our blog and adding comments.

5 thoughts on “Important Link 1: #UDL on Twitter

  1. I had a few minutes to check out #UDL on Twitter this morning and I found a link to this Livebinder filled with resources to support my UDL journey. One of the tabs was titled “UDL: The Anti-Label-Katie Novak EdD.” Since I am in the process of reading Katie’s book about UDL I had to see that tab first! It was three, very brief, paragraphs that address what UDL is with a quick comparison to Differentiated Instruction. Very worthwhile use of my 5 spare minutes and LOTS to come back to when I have more time to look at other parts of the Livebinder created by Christie Flayhart (

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